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Joyce Oliveto is a dedicated and motivating teacher.† She is an expert on natural healing through live foods, raw juice, nutrition and internal detoxification.† She has inspired thousands of people to make lifestyle changes necessary to achieve optimal health.

Dr. Ann Wigmore selected Joyce to be the President of the Midwest Living Foods Association in 1986.† She is a former director of the Creative Health Institute (formerly Hippocrates Midwest) in Coldwater, Michigan.† She has been trained and certified in the Health Practitioners Program by Dr. Ann at the Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston, MA.† Joyce was mentored by and studied intimately with Dr. Ann and Viktoras Kulvinskas, both of whom received international acclaim for their work in the field of living foods. Joyce has traveled nationally and internationally with Dr. Ann and Viktoras teaching others. Joyce developed a deep friendship with Dr. Ann and Viktoris. Joyce has been considered one of the pioneers in the field of living foods.

Beautiful Cayanne Peppers

I was faced with a health challenge in 1980.† Just prior to the diagnosis, I had completed reading two books that were a gift from a dear friend and mentor.† Those two books were my introduction to natural healing through living foods and raw juice.† I learned that our bodies have the ability to heal themselves when the proper conditions are present.

Upon returning home with the diagnosis I picked up my book† Be Your Own Doctor† by Dr. Ann Wigmore. I read through the pages to the back of the book and found the phone number to the Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston, MA.† I called and spoke personally with Dr. Ann. I felt her compassion and heart for others through her words of wisdom. I knew this is where I had to be. In the fall of 1980, I attended the institute in Boston, MA., founded by Dr. Ann in the late 1950ís.† I had no idea I was about to have the most profound† experience of my life and that my life would change from that time forward.† My hope was that my body would be healed.† My experience was that my body did heal.† My surprise was that I began to experience a level of energy, clarity, peace, well being and spirituality I had never felt before.† I developed a burning desire to learn everything I could about natural healing through living foods.

The fact that our bodies are affected by stress, toxins, and lack of proper nutrition has finally been recognized by the mainstream, moving beyond holistic health practitioners and the natural health communities. The living foods lifestyle is now recognized throughout the world. Thank you Dr. Ann, for your passion, mission and commitment to your vision that the world would know the power of living foods.



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